Thursday, March 14, 2013

Travelling with baby : ear plugs

Flying when the baby's only a few months old is relative quieter ... Cuz soon as you put the baby in an moving aircraft or moving car they snooze. So no ear aches, no screaming sessions, no wanting to walk all over the place. The challenge begins later ! 

The first time my baby wailed in pain was during our onward flight to Yogyakarta when he was around 7 months old. And that wasn't even a fraction of the pain & screaming he endured on the way back! Nothing could comfort him, no animation on the iPad, toys, bottle, nipple, pacifier, walking around, making faces, hell not even my own cell phone. All we could do was just wait till the plane landed. What seemed like an eternity was only about 10 mins. Manav was so exhausted by the end of it, that he hardly even smiled for an hour after that ! 

Thankfully my husband wasn't around - cuz all he seems to be bothered about is how other people may be getting irritated. Dude, seriously ? It's not like our kids throwing a tantrum or misbehaving, he is genuinely in pain! And all I could think of was how to alleviate it and make him feel better!  I Genuinely believe that in a situation like this parents dont need to be guilty or apologetic ! 

So considering our arms and ammunitions did not work last time around, I bought some ear plugs from Mother Care. My doc said it may not work, but no harm trying em out! These were nice orange colored ones, which had to be rolled into nice balls before jamming them into baby's ears. Which for whatever reason was extremely amusing for him. The only prob is that it kept falling off (didnt wanna jam it too tight!) , so thankfully the pack had extras. 

We used these in our journey Jakarta to Bombay & back. I.e.; 4 flights , i.e.; 8 landings & take offs in all, i.e.; 14 hours flying time. NO EAR ACHE. NO CRYING. So ear plugs definitely get my vote!!


  1. Nice post. When traveling with the kid just make sure you do have quality ear plugs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i've never heard of this trick before :D