Sunday, October 23, 2016

Wood Working (Practical Mondays #32)

Are you the parent who wakes up early on Saturdays just because your kid is up? Do you secretly hate that your spouse is comfortably sleeping after a late night on Netflix? 

Then this toy is for you! 

Look at the pictorial instructions, hammer the parts with the wooden nails & glue together, paint and play! We made a Marble Run, a Robot an a Plane!

And the best part is the hammering is loud enough to wake everyone up *grrrrin*

Practical Mondays: Wood Working with Little Children, making STEM interesting! Build your robot, marble run & plane, paint them in your favourite colors and play!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Learning Spanish with KEY WORD CUBES! (Practical Mondays #31)

{Disclaimer! The most annoying thing about learning a foreign language is that the moment you mug up a few words and are about to feel proud of it, a hundred more brand new ones pop out of nowhere.!!}

The Cubes:

It all started when I DIY-ed a Spanish/Hindi Color Cube by sticking post-its on my empty green tea box. My almost 5 year old would pull it out, toss it a coupla times, name the colors in Spanish and put it back. It made memorizing Colors in Spanish fun!

So I made Key Word Cubes {or ‘Cuboids’ for all you geometry nazis!} to go with the few books in Spanish that we’ve been reading. {I love cubes, yet I made make shift ones by wrapping green tea & medicine packets since I don’t have any blocks!}. I picked a few words from the book, such as brujas and fantasmas (i.e. witches & ghosts!) and drew them on a cube. It made reading the book AND learning new words fun! 

Practical Mom:Learning Spanish with KEY WORD CUBES! Makes reading the book AND learning new words fun!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

DIY Inside Out Halloween Costumes (Practical Mondays #30)

Inside Out was the sweetest, nicest, most sensible movie I’d seen last year. I’d absolutely loved the message it sent: It’s alright to be sad. Being sad is as important as being happy! We should not swoop in and calm down a crying child, because denying them their real emotions is worse than a few minutes of crying. 

So this is what we dressed up as last Halloween (our first Halloween in the part of the world where you are expected to dress up and not feeling like a wannabe!)

BTW I totally wanted to be DISGUST- because she’s so cool. But talk about finding a dark green wig! Days of futile scanning led me to realise guess what’s super easy to find? A blue wig! So I dressed up as SADNESS- and dressed up the husband as ANGER! 
Practical Mom: Easy DIY INSIDE OUT costumes for Halloween: Anger & Sadness

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Science Museum (Where Children can be Children!) (Practical Mondays # 29)

Don't you just hate going to museums that have terribly antsy guards that get bat shit crazy with little children around? Like the little fellas have just barged into the armageddon with weapons of mass destruction!

But MIM (Museo Interactivo Mirador, Santiago) is just the opposite! It’s a fantastic, sensory place when children can be - children! Get all sciencey or simple just be. 

It’s best to spend all day here, so we went one of the days in the Chilean holiday week (3rd week of September). Since my son’s just 4 years old, I didn’t really bother to get into a teacher mode and instead let him spent hours at the giant bubble station, throw paper planes in the vertical air vent, jump on the floor piano and run around in the park!

There are a million other things to do but instead of talking about it, I’m leaving a link here, of their extremely informative website. 

{If you're interested in more holiday pictures check out: Wooden Cabin, Fireplace & Hot Springs!}

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Bathroom Painter! (Practical Mondays #28)

Our glass window had been a canvas for my little boy, we used paints, dry erase markers and even shaving cream. And now we’ve moved to the bathroom tiles- which BTW is a MUCH BETTER option as cleaning it is so easy that it is done by by son himself (I think he enjoys cleaning more than the painting itself)

The only problem is taking pictures inside a steamy bath. Here are the only few shots I’ve taken without my lens fogging up!

{Update: The paints we use are normal tempera paints! Just dip the brushes directly into the tiny bottles and use!}

{Tip: Do not water down paints, as they will drip as soon as they touch the tiles and make blurry pictures (duh!)}

Practical Mom: Keep Kids Busy with Paints in the Bath! Creative + Non messy Activity!
Reggio Emilia Style Invitation to Play: What a treat this was!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Create a Scavenger Hunt for Patterns, with your Camera Phone! (Practical Mondays #27)

Prep it!
1. Go around the house with your phone or iPad and take pictures of all the patterns you find interesting
2. Put all these pictures in one album and hand it over to your kids.

Play it! 
The kids go around hunting for the patterns and click on the heart (on the iPad) as they go! 

While some patterns were fairly obvious (the wheel of the treadmill, carpet, paintings) some were puzzling (I don't believe he couldn't make out the laundry basket!). But really, you can see patterns everywhere around you, so make it easy if your kids are young and you want them to play on their own and zoom into those hidden nooks and crannies for some challenging fun!

Practical Mom: Create a Scavenger Hunt for Patterns by taking pictures of patterns on your iPad or Phone of the couch, curtains, grills, doors, paintings etc in your house or even a restaurant! Keep Kids Busy!