Sunday, February 26, 2017

Magic Tree House {Practical Mondays #48}

One day, two kids find a tree house in the woods near their house, they climb in and see it full of books! They open one, point to a picture and say I wish I was here and VOILA! The Magic Tree House takes them there within minutes! 

Jack & Anne, have travelled to hundreds of years back to solve a mystery with the Ninjas in Japan, Mummies in Egypt and even thousands of years back in the land of dinosaurs! 

While we’ve read aloud only 6 of the 12 books we have, the collection seems to be over 50. Lucid, informative, perfect for beginners to chapter books for read aloud and read yourself too (60/70 pages each, B&W pictures).

Here’s a Craft Stick Tree house we made:

Magic Tree House Book Related Craft- by Practical Mom

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Where's Wally (In Your Mess)? {Practical Mondays #47}

Life imitates Art. 

Our play room sometimes imitates the Where’s Wally (Waldo) book!

Utterly messy, jumbled up and chaotic!

Imagine a sensory bin that was only supposed to have coffee beans, now has magnetic alphabets, cotton buds, UNO cards, cars, pencils, bottle caps, dice, and COINS?

Perfect to play a Where’s Wally game! Take a picture of the select few items to be hunted before tossing them back in the mess. I put some Wally (Waldo) stickers we had on coins and tossed them in too. Don't forget to set the timer before you yell "go!" 

When life gives you lemons, like they say! 

Where's Wally (In Your Mess)? DIY Game by Practical Mom

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Eggs: Practical Mom

Sunday, February 12, 2017

No Skittles Please, We're Skittish {Practical Mondays #46}

It’s not that it was a disaster, but it was one of those times in life when you question your own common sense. I’m sure I have some, somewhere. It just seems to go missing sometimes.

Like when we spatter painted with skittles. And I left my laptop right there next to the project! 

Not only did I have to sit and wipe sticky slimy sugary skittle stains off the MacBook and iPhone (I have an iPad too, if only Apple rewarded me for my loyalty!), I even had to scrub the dried off gooey sticky mixture off the palette and brushes the next day! 

So that’s how I chose to begin this post, with caveats right at the start; I’m Practical Mom after all: Sugar is not only a danger to health, it’s a danger to your common sense too! Sugar is bad. Period! 

But watching my son’s face light up at the sight of skittles in the grocery and then watch it all twisted in bewilderment when I told him it’s not for eating, but for painting- priceless! 


{TV Trivia: The title of this post is a play on words of a Frasier episode named “No Sex Please, We’re Skittish” which incidentally was also a play on words of a West End play named “No Sex Please, We’re British”. haha! Frasier fan? Raise your hand!}
Kids Art with Skittles: No Skittles please, We're Skittish, by Practical Mom

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hindi & Hindu Mythology {Practical Mondays #45}

Growing up I was accustomed to the adage “After the whole Ramayana is over, you ask who was Rama?!” which was meant to poke fun at the poor fellow who absentmindedly missed the point of a whole conversation or story. 

This was happening again! For real! I've been narrating magical stories about the flying monkey god who tore open a dragons stomach to fly out, unsinkable stones that formed a bridge from India to Lanka, a father who cut off his own son’s head unknowingly to be replaced by an Elephants head. 

And after every book my confused 5 y.o asks the most glaring and obvious "but, who was Rama?" question. 


Hindu. mythology. is. confusing... !!

And it is perfectly acceptable for a 5 y.o to be confusing Rama with Ravana {even though they were the embodiment of good and evil respectively *and* Ravana had 10 heads, for God's sake!}

But there are many Vishnu Avatars, Animals Gods and even Planet Gods.  And although it’s confusing, the stories are fascinating! Our generation grew up watching Ramayana & Mahabharata on television every Sunday morning. And whether you’re religious or not, it’s totally worth reading it out to children! 

We’ve also begun the journey of the Hindi Alphabet. Rather a tiny step in the long journey of 14 vowels and 33 consonants. But on the bright side, unlike English, the ‘name of the alphabet’ is the same as the sound of the alphabet and a the sound will have no exceptions as it is in the case of a G or C! 

Hindi & Hindu Mythology: Books & Stories {Practical Mom}

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bleeding Paper- 3 Ways! {Practical Mondays #44}

Spending hot afternoons in the middle of art projects is something that DOES NOT happen on school days. So doing them side by side with my 5 y.o. in this summer is so relaxing. It’s therapeutic! And we’ve been obsessed with crepe paper last week. 

Bleeding Crepe Paper 1: Impressions

Place crepe paper cut outs on the drawing sheet in whatever shape and manner you want. Spray or transfer drops of water over it so the color transfers from the crepe paper to the sheet.

Wait till the paper dries off, remove the cut outs and watch their imprints on paper! Now this is ready for some more drawing & decoration

Bleeding Crepe Paper 2: Color Mixing

Red+ Blue= Purple Blue + Yellow= Green and what not!

Bleeding Crepe Paper 3: Palette Paint

Put some left over crepe paper into palettes of water. The color flows into the water, ready to be painted with!

Practical Mom: Bleeding Crepe Paper- 3 Ways!