Sunday, March 19, 2017

Craft Stick Tracks {Practical Mondays #51}

I might as well rename this blog as the track blog! But each type of track we’ve made is *completely different* in the eyes of my son, and that’s what matters. Here’s how we used our craft sticks. Scroll down to see how we used cotton swabs, cardboard, yarn & what not in the past!

Keep Kids Busy with Craft Stick Tracks, by Practical Mom
See how we made Road Signs

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Gnome Obsessed {Practical Mondays #50}

I live in the part of the world that is obsessed with Gnomes! There are these pretty ‘casa del bosque’ restaurants, small gnome statues for sale, large ones for decorative purposes. It’s cute!

Have a look at our homemade play dough & TP roll gnomes, and few of the ones we came across in latin america!

Gnomes Craft, Keep Kids Busy with Practical Mom

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Name Structure {Practical Mondays #49}

We’ll be moving to another house in soon, which mean it’s time to finish off all the art supplies and sell off books that we no longer read! 

Selling off books is seeming to be harder than I thought, as I had a blubbering tear soaked 5 year old accusing poor mean mommy, sigh. I’ll probably try again next week!

But finishing art supplies equals happy child. So although his school began last week, we managed to make a name structure. Lot of cutting and sticking and happy pictures!

Name Structure: Keeping Kids Busy by Practical Mom

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Magic Tree House {Practical Mondays #48}

One day, two kids find a tree house in the woods near their house, they climb in and see it full of books! They open one, point to a picture and say I wish I was here and VOILA! The Magic Tree House takes them there within minutes! 

Jack & Anne, have travelled to hundreds of years back to solve a mystery with the Ninjas in Japan, Mummies in Egypt and even thousands of years back in the land of dinosaurs! 

While we’ve read aloud only 6 of the 12 books we have, the collection seems to be over 50. Lucid, informative, perfect for beginners to chapter books for read aloud and read yourself too (60/70 pages each, B&W pictures).

Here’s a Craft Stick Tree house we made:

Magic Tree House Book Related Craft- by Practical Mom

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Where's Wally (In Your Mess)? {Practical Mondays #47}

Life imitates Art. 

Our play room sometimes imitates the Where’s Wally (Waldo) book!

Utterly messy, jumbled up and chaotic!

Imagine a sensory bin that was only supposed to have coffee beans, now has magnetic alphabets, cotton buds, UNO cards, cars, pencils, bottle caps, dice, and COINS?

Perfect to play a Where’s Wally game! Take a picture of the select few items to be hunted before tossing them back in the mess. I put some Wally (Waldo) stickers we had on coins and tossed them in too. Don't forget to set the timer before you yell "go!" 

When life gives you lemons, like they say! 

Where's Wally (In Your Mess)? DIY Game by Practical Mom

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Eggs: Practical Mom