Sunday, January 15, 2017

'Let's go Outside!' Board Game Printable! {Practical Mondays #42}

WHY on earth would children need further entertainment outdoors? Aren't the grass, swings and slides enough? 

They are! But it's too darn hot. So instead of staying indoors, I thought it made sense to keep them in the shade! Putting leftover stickers from the Where’s Wally book our brand new color pencil set to use, I made this impromptu game one morning, before a playdate at the park. 

Other than the usual move 2 steps forward, back & miss a turn, I made stuff up like:

Hide the toy and make others look for it (Which stirred up a good deal of excitement, both hiding and hunting!), tattoo a moustache on another player’s face, find a flower, collect 10 leaves, climb a ladder, climb a ladder, run to a tree & back etc! The 5-6 year olds thoroughly enjoyed it!

Additional stuff you’ll require: pawns, die, a toy & face paint

No printer? No problem! You can draw one within minutes!
Practical Mom: 'Let's go Outside!' Board Game Printable!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Road Signs! {Practical Mondays # 41}

2016 ended with another road trip down to the south of Chile. Rented a quaint little forest cabin in a biological reserve in the middle of the Patagonian Rain forests. It also had a chimney, so it was perfectly magical, waiting for Santa to come over at the stroke of midnight! {for travel pictures, click here}

It took us 12 hours to drive down though (One way!) and it was absolutely worth it. By the time we were back, my son was fluent in road signs! Unsurprisingly he made some road signs of his own for  his Yarn Track when we got back.

Practical Mom: Road Signs for Yarn Tracks!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bragging about 2016!

2016 was the year of making up games at home as we go. But by November, toys flowed in, with his birthday, Christmas, Santa and presents from our home country. Sigh. Too many toys and a lot less creativity!

Here are the popular posts from the last year for keeping little preschoolers busy!

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Chocolate & Marzipan Winter Wonderland (Practical Mondays #40)

*Practical Mom will be on Summer Break till 9th January, however Practical Mondays #40 will remain open till then. 
Happy Holidays!*

OK FINE! I finally gave into this hugely popular christmas tradition after all! I knew for sure you don’t get molasses easily at my neighbourhood mall, so I didn’t bother making a gingerbread house, chocolate bars however are available anywhere & everywhere, including my own kitchen.

While I purchased Marzipan (had made it earlier around), I had a lot of leftover icing, food coloring, tiny M&Ms and what not from previous baking projects. 

Our Winter Wonderland is 100% edible! 

i.e. if you don’t include toothpicks. 

...And the straw that held the roof together.

Practical Mom: Chocolate & Marzipan Winter Wonderland

Practical Mom: Chocolate & Marzipan Winter Wonderland
 Stuff I already had - check out the colors! 

Practical Mom: Chocolate & Marzipan Winter Wonderland
 Chocolate at room temperature is easy to cut! We used almond thins for the roof

Sunday, December 11, 2016

"Making" Play Dough is not Completely Insane! (Practical Mondays #39)

know it makes no real sense to make something that's so cheap to simply buy. It's the cheapest toy at the store, for God's sake!  But it is not completely insane and the only effort really, is washing the pan. AND THESE DAYS I'M THE QUEEN OF DOUGH. AND BAKING. {Ref: Click here & here. & here!} The only reason I made play dough after a whole 5 years of bringing up baby is that it's the first time I spotted Cream of Tartar at the mall! There are many recipes out there, but here’s the one I used, to make dough so soft, that my son had to pry it out of my hands!

Practical Mom: "Making" Play Dough is not Completely Insane!
Cook Dough

In a pan, mix 2 cups flour+ 1 cup salt+ 2 cups water + 4 teaspoons cream of tartar + 1 teaspoon oil and cook for 2-3 minutes till it looks doughy. Let it cool down before you knead it a bit.

Color Dough

Divide the dough into the number of colors you want, we made 5. Flatten each ball, pour a few drops of food coloring (or tempera paint) over each, and knead and knead and knead some more, till the dough is evenly coloured all over. Wait for a few minutes before your kids use as play dough. 

{I used food colouring only because I had it. I hate food colouring. Cuz it leaves behind nasty stains if you're not too careful!}

Practical Mom: We MADE play dough! With cream of tartar

Practical Mom: We MADE play dough! With cream of tartar

Practical Mom: We MADE play dough! With cream of tartar

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The last ditch christmas resource: Magazine Scrap! {Practical Mondays #38}

From ethereal stars dangling over the dining table to christmas cards sent home to the pool noodle wreath we attempted the first time ever: Magazine scrap was abundantly used! Why not? Not only do they give a vintage feel and are super easy to cut, they also stand out from the reds, greens & glitter

But let me first begin with WHAT NOT TO DO WITH 

Practical Mom: Magazine Scrap: The Last Ditch Christmas Resource!  And what not to do with your Pool Noodle Wreath!
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