Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween Crayon Costume from "The Day the Crayons Quit!"

I didn’t really think we needed costumes this year since we shifted to a school that doesn’t celebrate halloween. BUT I noticed the notice in our apartment building on 31st morning and sprang into action! The building encourages trick or treating!

and while I would've LOVED to do a Stranger Things {season is even better than season 1!}, a demo-dog or the 80’s look is impossible to manage in two hours notice. Hence a crayon! all you need is a paper in your kid's favorite color. Do check out our last few attempts too!

Halloween Crayon Costume from The Day the Crayons Quit!: By Practical Mom
Let’s pretend that the correct way to spell it ;)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Video: The Geography of Chile!

For our favorite Kid Science & Geography Interactive Games & Videos Click here!

VIDEO: The Geography of Chile by Practical Mom

Here’s a little video on what we’ve been upto the last two years in Chile, No wonder geography is one of my kid’s favourite subject!

EL TATIO GEYSERS, a sunrise spectacle of erupting water, steam and hot volcanic mud, stone and sand formations at the MOON VALLEY (where a prototype for a Mars rover was tested there by scientists because of the valley's dry and forbidding terrains!), LAKE CHAXA FLAMINGOES in the midst of rough lifeless crystals of the Salt Flats of SALAR DE ATACAMA, huddling up in the cold around telescopes to stargaze in the clearest skies at night. Lakes, Lagoons & Volcanoes, adobe huts & Llama meat.

These are apart from the road trips to the ANDIES, the PATAGONIAN RAINFORESTS, VOLCANOES, hot springs & hot tubs in south of chile.  

Kids Science & Geography: Videos & Interactive Pages

There is a page in the end of every Usborne Encyclopaedia for beginners which directs us to their website for further links. and after two years of reading these books to my kid, I finally typed in the url and voila! Just like that I had access to a wealth of video & interactive pages resource! 

and they’re wonderful!

From finding your weight & age on different planets, dressing up an Antarctic scientist, true and false games & more. Here are some of the interesting links from BBC Earth, NASA, The Magic School Bus, National Geographic etc that can be used for 5-12 year olds

Kids Science & Geography Video & Game Links

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Edible Letters

{This a guest post from Do check it out for their exhaustive worksheets, lesson plans, songs & more!}

Here's a surefire way to get your kids practicing their ABCs. Create an edible alphabet out of marshmallows and toothpicks to reinforce letter recognition. Teach your child individual letters, or show her how to spell her name. And of course, she'll love munching on a few marshmallows along the way, too.

Edible Letters- Keep Kids Busy with Practical Mom

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Humbolt Penguin Reserve {Chile} {Practical Mondays # 55}

A week before we embarked on this road trip (2 families, 6 of us) I bought  a book about Ping├╝inos de Humbolt to read it to my 5 year old. My over confidence about reading a children’s book in Spanish was quickly shattered when I realised I was never going to finish it! 

Humbolt Penguin Reserve {Chile}

Although the book is still unfinished, we *did* take the fabulous trip. In case you’re here because a nice search engine showed you the way, I am obliged to give you my recommendations. First of all, all links point to ‘tours’ for almost anything in Chile, which is extremely ridiculous. We are grown ups with a car and all (Went through all the tests to get our Chilean Licences too!) and need not be chauffered for a ridiculous amount of money. If you're a tourist, please hire a car! Cuz the best parts were in the trip itself! 

Humbolt Penguin Reserve {Chile}

We halted as soon as we spotted cool foxes (Zoro Chillas): Imagine our excitement of being surrounded by 10-15 foxes just strolling about on the road side and rolling down little desert sand dunes in the middle of nowhere! We spotted Guanocos too, or as we like to call them: Llama look alikes, after spotting Llamas on our way from Santiago!

Humbolt Penguin Reserve {Chile}

Humbolt Penguin Reserve {Chile}

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Flash Cards & Clip Cards ~ Why Buy when you can Make {Practical Mondays #54}

Here are some cards I made last month. They were *soooo tedious*, really broke my back. I mean I had to literally write down words on pieces of papers, all so my 5 y.o. could practice blend sounds. Huh. 

And the counting ones took the cake. He needs to practise counting up to 100, and he seldom forgets what comes after say 39. or 79. Hence I made cards card to clip the correct answer. 

Phew. I need a long hot bath, wine and a Walking Dead marathon to feel normal again!

{btw you can print Free clip cards for beginning blends from The Measured Mom, she’s got some fab printables that I’ve used!}

Flash Cards & Clip Cards ~ Why Buy when you can Make: Practical Mom