Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Bathroom Painter! (Practical Mondays #28)

Our glass window had been a canvas for my little boy, we used paints, dry erase markers and even shaving cream. And now we’ve moved to the bathroom tiles- which BTW is a MUCH BETTER option as cleaning it is so easy that it is done by by son himself (I think he enjoys cleaning more than the painting itself)

The only problem is taking pictures inside a steamy bath. Here are the only few shots I’ve taken without my lens fogging up!

Practical Mom: Keep Kids Busy with Paints in the Bath! Creative + Non messy Activity!
Reggio Emilia Style Invitation to Play: What a treat this was!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Create a Scavenger Hunt for Patterns, with your Camera Phone! (Practical Mondays #27)

Prep it!
1. Go around the house with your phone or iPad and take pictures of all the patterns you find interesting
2. Put all these pictures in one album and hand it over to your kids.

Play it! 
The kids go around hunting for the patterns and click on the heart (on the iPad) as they go! 

While some patterns were fairly obvious (the wheel of the treadmill, carpet, paintings) some were puzzling (I don't believe he couldn't make out the laundry basket!). But really, you can see patterns everywhere around you, so make it easy if your kids are young and you want them to play on their own and zoom into those hidden nooks and crannies for some challenging fun!

Practical Mom: Create a Scavenger Hunt for Patterns by taking pictures of patterns on your iPad or Phone of the couch, curtains, grills, doors, paintings etc in your house or even a restaurant! Keep Kids Busy!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

DIY WORD SEARCH: Practice Sight Words & Word Building (Practical Mondays #26)

Word Search are fun, however the ones we’ve come across are for older kids. So my 4.5 can find the 2-3 small words but disappointing leaves out the rest. So I made a few myself! Realised it takes only minutes to make. The best part is it can be customised according to what your child is currently learning. Fun way to practise sight words, short vowel and long vowel words! 

  1. Make a list of words that your kid is currently learning. Add them in the Boxes - vertically and horizontally, and diagonally if your kid is already familiar and comfortable with it
  2. Fill the rest of the boxes with random alphabets. Voila! You're ready to play!

(Pssst! If you aren't into making one but are keen on getting customised puzzles, make one online on Puzzle Maker - Enter your words, number of lines etc and print out the result!)

Practical Mom: DIY WORD SEARCH FOR PRESCHOOLERS to Practice Sight Words & Word Building

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Throw the Dice & Draw! Game for Ages 4+ (Practical Mondays #25)

Prep! Draw a Legend, using 1, 2, 3 (or more!) dice. Since my kid’s 4.5, he can draw a few simple things such as fish, butterflies, bees, flowers so we used  only 2 dice. 

Play it! Throw the dice & draw the picture corresponding to the number! 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sticky Note Map Game (Practical Mondays #24)

1. Draw Treasure Items on Sticky Notes

Easy stuff such as viking caps, swords, glasses, key, passport, and headphones.

2. Make a Location List

Pick up the treasure item from: a Creole speaking country, where Kangaroos are mostly found, where the Great Wall of China was built or which has the largest population in the world. The list can be made with whatever your kids are learning these days. Fold the sticky notes & put them up accordingly.

 So our list was somewhat like this (We’re learning Directions as you’ll notice!)

South of Venice, the floating city
North of the country you were born
The East part of the Largest country in the world
North of the largest area covered in Ice
Where Asia meets Europe
South of the Pyramids
North of a Chinese speaking country

Play it! 

Start with your list and your kids take turns looking for & collecting treasure from all the locations!

The Practical Mom: Sticky Note Map Game for Little Kids

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Our Engineering Busy Bag (Practical Mondays #23)

I have a new busy bag! And this time it's not a DIY, but a cool Magnetic Playboard- Building Edition I stumbled into in a quaint toy store in Santiago. 

I was thrilled to see a good *45* design cards along with the magnetic playing pieces. Design cards are *way* better than the usual folded-pamphlet-thingie with 12-odd-not-so-easy-to-comprehend-for-little-ones designs. & FORTY FIVE of them, which meant he wasn't getting bored of this anytime soon. Plus it came in a tiny blue blue bag! Our very own readymade busy bag!

It’s still new, so we do about 2 or 3 cards almost everyday. Here are some pictures - but I’m afraid I’m not sure which of these were done by my son and which by my husband & I…sheesh…You can safely assume it’s for all ages over 4!

I’m pretty sure we’ll end up using this for future art project (Spray paint for building silhouettes like we used out Tangram Set?

Stay tuned  ;)

The Practical Mom: Our Engineering Busy Bag: Magnetic Building Edition Play Board  (Practical Mondays #23)