Valentine's Projects 

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Christmas Projects 

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All Year Round Vacation Projects 

 5 Rainbows in 5 Days Project | click here  

 Planting Seeds |  click here   

 Cutting Practice: With Grass | click here   

 Egg Carton Butterflies | click here  

Easy Suncatchers with Origami Papers & Punch | click here

Lemon Wedge Flowers | click here

Painting Leaf Strings and Stones | click here

Paint with Ping Pong Balls | click here

Paint a little Cardboard House | click here

Paint a Giant Cardboard Box | click here

Book Based Potato Stamping | click here

For Painting with Spinning Tops | click here

For Spray Painting Pebble Silhouettes | click here

For Paint with Bubbles | click here 

For Eno Explosion | click here

For Fizzy Word Building | click here

Paint on Salt & Ice | click here

Baking Soda & Vinegar Concoctions | click here 

Mural Art on Glass Doors | click here

Stick Monsters | click here

Spray Painting for Pebble Silhouettes click here

Paint with Yarnclick here

Vaseline Resist Art
click here

Blow by Straw Art
click here