Wednesday, September 19, 2018

4 in a Row! {Printable Game}

Here are two fun games that are excellent for addition & subtraction practice!

4 in a Row: 
Roll Dice and the sum of the two numbers determines what number to cover. First player to get 4 numbers covered in a row wins!

3 in a Row:
Roll the dice and the sum of the two numbers determines the starting number. Spin the spinner and get the final number to be covered. First player to get 3 in a row wins!

You need:
  1. Print out of game: (Click here for PDF!)
  2. Coloured paper cut to fit the squares (each player gets one color)
  3. For 3 in a row: toothpick/straw to be used as a spinner

Practice Counting with Printable Board Games: 4 in a Row! by Practical Mom

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