Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Busy activities for toddlers : Sorting, Transfers & Playdough

I bought trays for displays, pom poms, straws, mini ice trays, wafer tongs, big tongs, colored balls, marbles (my maids though warned me that they could be swallowed easily!), dropper, pencil and sharpener, buttons, colored matchsticks, cotton balls, little farm animals, little zoo animals, little creepy crawlies, toddler safe scissors, color palettes, even more play dough, measuring spoons, and from Hobby Ideas I picked up decorative sets for scrap book use (that is after one round of tsk tsk-ing, why cant these lazy girls cut their own flowers instead of pasting this ready made stuff, how unimaginative ! But I soon realised that it gave me over twenty combinations for sorting, so ..umm , WTH why not!)

One of the shopping sprees!

Sorting: mini balls as per color 
Sorting: matchsticks as per color 

Sorting: paper clips as per color

Transferring: one pom pom in each slot, with a measuring spoon

Counting: number of straws as per number on the cup, started with 5, can go upto whatever number !

Sorting: As per type/color of flower 

Sorting: Various options available! beads, buttons, hearts, flowers, leaves, etc

Sorting: As per shape and color

Sorting: As per type

Transfer: with wafer tongs, one cotton ball & one bead into each ice cube slot

Transfer: As per color / size

Fine motor skill: Sharpening a pencil

Cutting: strips of paper/ play dough into tiny pieces, to begin with !

Play dough activity: Cake & Candles 

Play dough activity: zoo 

Sensory/Treasure bin: Green theme. I had another one with only green veggies & fruits 
Cutting practice: Cut on markers 

Googly eyes & foam hands & feet for play dough 

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