Sunday, October 19, 2014

Toddler Fine Motor Skill Activities: Transferring Colored Water with Dropper & Stones with Tongs

This was pure improvisation - what to do with excess paint? Transfer it to ice tray compartments using a dropper!

Began with a big ice tray with big compartments, since I wasn't sure whether he would get the dropper concept at all. While I was awkwardly showing him, he just took the dropper from me and began the activity. Phew. Soon I pulled out the tiny ice trays with teeny tiny compartments (I'd used them to transfer tiny pom poms not too long ago) and poured out more paint!

Another improvisation was with the dinosaur sensory bin that I had made- using wheat grains and white pebbles. Don't ask me why (I would love to know that too!) but he just didn't like it! "What is this mummy! I don't want it. Put it all back!" It just wasn't one of those times where you just slide it away and it is liked the next time it is re-introduced. Nope. So I turned it into a transfer activity. Transferring the pebbles into a basket with tongs and wheat grains back into the bag with cups. Since then I've always involved him in emptying and reloading his sensory bin!

I don't usually organise transfer activities for after school play, since there are many opportunities presented on a daily basis anyways. He pours spoonfuls of sugar into our coffee, coffee powder into the filter, flax seeds in the blender, yogurt in our food, milk in his glass etc.


  1. I never thought to use the grabber-thingy in your last photo -- it's perfect for helping my son develop his whole-hand muscles. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!