Saturday, November 22, 2014

Chocolates Wrapped as Puppets, for my Tiny Tot's 3rd Birthday Celebration!

My kid turned 3! It's so strange that to be "politically correct", I have to now call him a 'preschooler' - although he has been going to preschool for 1&1/2 years now!

For sweets distribution at school last year, I'd wrapped four small ones into transparent wrapping sheets and tied up the two end with golden ribbons- looking like a big toffee wrapping containing four toffees!

At school they wholly embrace cake cutting and sweets distribution by the birthday girl / boy to other classmates, but have a strict limited goodies policy. I'm sure parents don't like it when their kids come back with a lotta chocolates (I certainly don't!). So from four I've gone down to only two this year!

But I pay a lot of attention to the wrapping! Even for the Christmas presents to be kept under the tree I go out of my way to wrap well -more than the gift itself! I don't know whether people appreciate it, but I do it because I do!

Wrapping over 60 pieces is arduous (his classmates plus daycare where he spends two hours daily) so wanted to keep it as simple as possible. So I wrapped 1 Twix and 1 Bounty up in colored crepe paper, inserted a craft stick and tied up one loose end with yarn. Pasted googly eyes and a pom pom for nose and voila! The chocolate puppets were ready!

Until later! Stay in touch!


  1. Oh they're really cute - definitely worth the time and effort! And belated birthday wishes to your little one too :)

  2. These look adorable, what lucky little people to get them!

  3. It was so cute! Watching em playing with the puppets right away :)