Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pretend Play: with a Stethoscope

Living in his own world of imagination is the best thing about being a toddler!

Sometimes when he cycles around the house, asks me for my "ATM card", goes to the "ATM machine", withdraws "money", then goes to the "shop" to buy some "chocolates/soaps". He does not forget to return my "ATM card" and even parks his cycle, leaving his "keys" on his shelf after the shopping trip. Sometimes the ATM machine is not working, so he tries another one. Sometimes soap is not available so he "calls" me to check what else I want.

Sometimes his "tiger" eats all his food or comes cuddles with him. The other day he had not one but "three tigers" and they all came for a swim with us to the pool.

Sometimes when something in the house malfunctions, he makes his call form "his" phone to the "guy", asking him to come immediately to fix the poor broken thing.

Sometimes he's "fixing" his chair with his toy hammer and screwdriver.

Sometimes he "roasts" corn on cob over his gas stove.

Sometimes he's a doctor, with his own stethoscope. He checks our heart beats, and gives us "medicine", which is sometimes sweet and sometimes spicy. He even gives us injection if required.

In all, it's a good life. These ideas are all his own, I only play along when he's in the mood. The only thing I did was buy him his stethoscope, a real one, since it made sense for him to actually listen to heartbeats (inspired by his favorite book Topsy and Tim go to the doctor). At $4/₹250  it turned out cheaper than the toy set too!

Until later! Stay in touch!

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  1. I love the idea of getting my kids a real stethoscope! They would have a ball!!

  2. Thanks for linking up to Share it Saturday! Your post will be highlighted this Saturday at my blog! (Chestnut Grove Academy)