Sunday, March 20, 2016

Origins of Easter Traditions on Practical Mondays #6

Have you wondered what’s the deal behind eggs and bunnies and WHAT do they have to do with the resurrection of Jesus? Well, NOTHING, actually. Although Easter is a Christian Holiday, it’s famous traditions apparently have pagan origins. Like various carnivals such as Mardi Gras or world’s largest one in Rio de Janeiro are celebrated *before* Lent, Eggs were decorated and feasted on with delight *after* the fasting period. (Since I recently realised I’m allergic to eggs in Chile and sorely miss this breakfast staple, I can imagine myself painting and feasting on them when I can have em again!!)

One theory of the origin of the name “Easter” is traced to the Anglo-Saxan Goddess of Fertility “Ä’ostre". And the deal with bunnies? Rabbits are ancient symbols of fertility & life: both associated with Easter & Spring!

And why are jellybeans popular? and what about the famous jeweller goldsmith that made eggs as part of royalty? Watch this 3 mins video for a quick history!

While these traditions were carried on by immigrants from Europe to the Americas in the 18th century, Chile kinna just recently got the memo, in the 21st Century! Usually you have ‘seasonal’ items available for sale a good month or two before season (I almost DIED listening to all the christmas music that played on & on for the full November & December- everywhere I went!) I only recently saw Easter related candy. Plastic eggs were nowhere in sight. 

BUT, I found this awesome paint & eat pack at the mall! Food colors obviously, with a brush too! My 4 year was more interested in the eating part though, uh oh.

The Practical Mom: Origins of Easter Traditions on Practical Mondays #6

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The Practical Mom: Origins of Easter Traditions on Practical Mondays #6

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  1. We;ve been overseas the last few easters, to countries where easter is not a youngest is beside herself that we are home and she'll get goodies...I'm making it a tradition that we get them at Oxfam, so they're fairtrade and helping others...

    1. I'm hoping my son has fun at school with their easter celebrations! Thanks for stopping by Lydia!

  2. Thanks for hosting all these great ideas! And thank you for featuring my Chickie Money Hugs. Have a Happy Easter!

    Crafty Journal

  3. Great links again - thank you for hosting!

  4. We don't have these traditions at all in Colombia so I just learned about them here in Germany. I guess I was as surprised about the traditions as you are about not finding any easter eggs in Chile. Thank you for hosting!

    1. Oh there are eggs! Just not for painting & decorating! Thanks for stopping by!:)

  5. I am Pagan! I love how you wrote about the origins! My family celebrated last weekend with an egg hunt and family meal. It was lovely :)

    Thanks for #linkingup at #bloggerspotlight

  6. We actually try to stay away from the traditions that come from the pagan backgrounds. Though, we do dye eggs and hide them. We use eggs as a symbol for the new life in Jesus.
    I found it interesting that you have only recently been able to find Easter candy and plastic eggs.
    I am going to have to remember about your link up here. Thanks for stopping by Littles Learning Link Up

    1. Interesting! Thanks for stopping by Kewkew :)