Saturday, April 16, 2016

Earth Day Ice Slabs

Paint on slabs of Ice NEVER gets old! I keep at least one slab in the freezer to pull out impromptu! Its a bit 'sciency' too, as he gets ice melting into water and how salt speeds up the process. Many times the glistening combination of paints create a magical effect! 

Here are some EARTH DAY themed Ice Slabs!


  • Freeze water in a large round shaped container. When rock solid, bring it out and place it on a plate. 
  • Sprinkle salt over it and wait for a bit. The salt will melt holes on the ice slabs! 
  • Bring out blue & green paints and few droppers and watch your kid be thrilled to transfer paint via droppers into those tiny holes! 


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  1. We did this one summer for a fun science experiment but I never thought of using it for Earth day! How fun.

    1. haha, can be used with any day actually! valentines day? bring out the red! christmas? bring out the red & green! :)

  2. Just like the salt dough magnets, I will need to add this to my bucket list for the summer with my kids! Thanks for linking up with Blogger's Spotlight and please come back again!