Sunday, July 31, 2016

Quiz: Do you *really* LIKE your kids? (Practical Mondays #21)

The REAL TEST of whether you like your children or not, is taking a 35 hour flight with them.

And the ULTIMATE TEST of whether you like them or not, is suffering though the subsequent 60 hour jet lag with them. 

In case you didn’t suffer the ordeal like we did, here’s an imaginary scenario, just for fun, to picture whether you’ll pass the ultimate test of endurance with flying colors or crash within minutes! 

So, do you *reeeally* like your kids? 

(Remember, You haven’t slept in two nights and are hopping from one flight to another at odd hours, waiting in a different queue each time. Go!)

(a) You are in yet another immigration queue and your child suddenly starts bawling. You

  1. Turn his face towards other people, waiting, just *waiting* for some nice person or a person irritated enough to cave in and give you his /her place (works like a charm!) 
  2. Embarrass him, it’s only 4 am- and what’s a little queue anyway?
  3. Wave your wand and magically make him stop crying

(b) Your child is fast asleep, and you remember you need to make him/her pee before you doze off yourself. You

  1. Nag your spouse to do it. What’s the point of being married after all.
  2. Procrastinate. Who cares about a little pee on the plane seat?
  3. Make him pee, reluctantly

(c) When you hear the words “Mama! Let’s play!!” the 315th time, You

  1. Scream, run and lock yourself in the bathroom
  2. Scream “Go away! Enough already!!”
  3. Scream, curse the world, then take a deep sigh and play with him/her anyway.

(d) You’ve finally drifted into sweet slumber and your child slowly, gently taps on your face pulling you out “mama! mama!”. You

  1. Disown him. Life is probably better without children.
  2. Glare at him. this. is. not. happening.
  3. Tell him as nicely as possible, mommy hasn't slept in 24 hours and is tired of carrying his ass around, so he should understand, dammit. 

(e) Your child is buzzed with free flowing soft drinks & juice and asks for one more. “Only one more mommy!”. You

  1. Glare at him, ring for the steward, get him whatever he wants and be done with it
  2. Glare at him, do I look like a stewardess?
  3. Glare at him: one more coke? Two is too much already! You’ve finished your quota. Why don’t you have some almonds? They’re yummy, won’t dehydrate you and definitely won’t make you pee every time the seat belt sign is on!

Mostly 1s: 
Good strategy! You may not like your kids that
 much, but you do know how to travel with them! 

Mostly 2s: 
Congratulations, you’re human. You may have
 failed, but you had the best intentions!

Mostly 3s: 
You. are. not. real. period. or you’re a wizard
you know, with a wand & all!

This scrap paper skyline was made in the first 60 hour period of Jet Lag. 

India & Chile are in opposite sides of the planet, so flipping the circadian rhythm twice was no mean feat ! So regardless of my mostly 1 answers, I should get some damn credit for solving puzzles, making skyscapers and reading him books at 2 am after sleeping only for 2 hours. Yes. Clap clap clap. Thank you very much! 

We dipped sticks in paint and rolled it over 
paper to paint the sky

We cut out windows from post its,
they make the best night time windows! 


(Full disclaimer: The onward journey was actually pretty cool in spite of me travelling alone with my 4.5 year old! He was pretty upbeat in spite of the queues and seat belt signs. But the return journey was a killer, there’s something annoying about beginning a 35 hour journey with leaving home at 2 am to take the 4 am flight!)

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  1. I am mostly 3. Ok I admit, I might have lied sometimes! #bigpinklink

  2. I'm not sure I could have survived that WITHOUT kids... I am not a great traveler! I had a mix of ones and two's.

    1. I know. Kids aren't that terrible. It's the flight & the jet lag that really is!

  3. Love this. So funny. Long haul travel with kids is so much fun! #dreamteam

    1. haha. heading over to check out your website :)

  4. You made sky-scrapers? At 2am? After just 2 hours sleep? They look far better than anything I could even attempt to create at 10am after 8 hours sleep. With a helper. Who happens to be something like a teacher or similar. Even then! You are a hero - with a wand and everything x Thanks for linking with #fartglitter

    1. ummm... maybe it was 4 am. who knows! the whole week was a daze! Thanks so much for the encouraging comment!! :)

  5. Hahahaha....I LOVED this quiz! I will not reveal my score but glad to say that I am think I'm normal, I think? I absolutely hate flying myself and so when with kids, worse. Enclosed cabin, little space to move and teeny bathroom! I remembered being so nervous having to change the bubs in the bathroom on that small pull down change table in such an awkward position for the first time! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

    1. I did all the changing & brushing at the airports! Way roomier there! But when my kid was still a baby I remember pumping milk in the bathroom and once even right at my plane seat when the lights were off & everyone was seemingly fast asleep!

      Thanks Agent Spitback! :)

  6. Is it bad that I laughed so hard while reading this post? Only in commiseration, my friend. I promise.

    1. Thank God at least some one laughed hard! I was starting to get nervous... ;)

  7. Sounds like a nightmare - I find it hard enough to function at home on little sleep let alone travelling! #fartglitter

  8. I agree, it sounds awful. Your little one must be a saint to sit through flights like that. I wouldn't do it with mine. Thanks for linking up to the #dreamteam