Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sticky Note Map Game (Practical Mondays #24)

1. Draw Treasure Items on Sticky Notes

Easy stuff such as viking caps, swords, glasses, key, passport, and headphones.

2. Make a Location List

Pick up the treasure item from: a Creole speaking country, where Kangaroos are mostly found, where the Great Wall of China was built or which has the largest population in the world. The list can be made with whatever your kids are learning these days. Fold the sticky notes & put them up accordingly.

 So our list was somewhat like this (We’re learning Directions as you’ll notice!)

South of Venice, the floating city
North of the country you were born
The East part of the Largest country in the world
North of the largest area covered in Ice
Where Asia meets Europe
South of the Pyramids
North of a Chinese speaking country

Play it! 

Start with your list and your kids take turns looking for & collecting treasure from all the locations!

The Practical Mom: Sticky Note Map Game for Little Kids

The Practical Mom: Sticky Note Map Game for Little Kids

This is actually a Where’s Wally inspired game. I swear my eyes are stressed, strained and still watering after two straight days of looking for Wally & Wenda who are easy to find, Wizard who is clearly hiding behind some giant tree and Woof’s tail that is 100% invisible. You can forget about finding the scroll and other misc items on the list even by mistake. But my son loves the two books we have and was sorely disappointed to know that I didn’t have more hidden on the book shelf somewhere. 

A 100 (or more!) piece map puzzle is another perfect family activity (one of those things you can actually do with your children when they ask you to play with them!)


The Practical Mom: Maps, puzzles & Sticky Note Map Game
We did this just today- too engrossed to smile at the camera

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The Practical Mom: Sticky Note Map Game for Little Kids

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  1. I love the idea of the sticky notes on a map!

  2. I LOVE this game idea! I've pinned it and can't wait to try it out when we learn about geography again this year!

  3. Another brilliant idea! Thank you, I'm saving all of them up to do with my boys when they're a little older!! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!

  4. Really this game will like children. I feel this is very knowledgeable game.There is no doubt in that it will increase students brain essay writing service