Sunday, November 20, 2016

How this amateur made a Paw Patrol Cake, from scratch! (Practical Mondays #36)

After gently nudging my son for daaaays, i.e. showing him pinterest images of  ‘easy-to-make’ birthday cakes from finding nemo to superman, I finally conceded accepted the challenge of his current favourite obsession! Always chanting the mantra: Fondant is like playdoh! If little kids can do it, so can I!

{CAVEAT: I made the cake because I really wanted to learn. 
It is not easy, quick or cheaper than ordering from a cake shop!}

Practical Mom: Amateur Paw Patrol Cake, from scratch!

But before we even begin decorating..

  1. Bake cake (Here is my go to recipe- I’ve made it some 15 times in one year already!) 
  2. Level cake (i.e. Slice off the curvy top to get a flat surface. I purchased a cake leveller for this since I didn’t trust my serrated knife skills. Here’s a tutorial on youtube. For best results, level when cake is still warm!)
  3. Ice cake (With butter cream icing, this is to make sure the fondant sticks to the cake. Here is the recipe I used)
  4. Cover cake with fondant (Excellent tutorials available on youtube, here are the two that helped me: Wilton's & Artisan Cake company's )

Stuff we need to make the Paw Patrol Logo

  1. Printout of the logo, in proportion to the cake circumference. (I drew the logo instead for the trial round, but a printout gave more accurate results)
  2. Butter paper (Wax/ Waxed /Paraffin paper, to make stencils)
  3. Fondant (Dark Blue, Red, Yellow & White), 
  4. Rolling Pin
  5. Fondant knife
  6. Fondant glue
  7. A bit of powdered sugar
  8. Tiny Gems/M&M (for paw prints, can be substituted with fondant)

Practical Mom: Amateur Paw Patrol Cake, from scratch!

Step 1. Make stencils out of Butter Paper (Wax/ waxed /paraffin paper): Place butter paper on top of the picture, and trace out different shapes. Cut out the shapes & don't forget to write down the fondant color on each one. 

Step 3. Roll out readymade Fondant: Tape down a large sheet of butter paper, so the fondant doesn’t 'stick' (it still may though). To further prevent 'sticking', Make sure to sprinkle and rub a little powdered sugar on it before placing a ball of fondant to roll out with a rolling pin.

Practical Mom: Amateur Paw Patrol Cake, from scratch!
(My brand new knife set!)

Step 4. Carve Fondant: Place the butter paper stencil over fondant, pat it down so it stays in place. Use a sharp cutter to cut the fondant {If it doesn't come out well, no worries! Ball up the fondant and try again!}. Smoothen the top with a fondant smoother.

Step 5. Putting it all together: Before applying glue, make sure to put the pieces together to first see whether they need further adjustment. I made many ‘paw prints’ with tiny M&M type candy I spotted at the cake decorating shop to be placed around the main logo- can be substituted with tiny fondant balls!

Here's how it looked like in the trial run, when I'd drawn the logo instead of printing it (It also had the wrong blue!):Practical Mom: Amateur Paw Patrol Cake, from scratch!

The outcome with a print out is much better, isn't it? Happy Birthday my little cachorro!
Practical Mom: Amateur Paw Patrol Cake, from scratch!

BTW Paw Patrol is a nickelodeon show that I don't mind my son watching on weekends. In fact he absolutely loves their books in Spanish too! 
Paw Patrol Books in Spanish

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  1. That's really impressive! It's so professional!

  2. I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving this week, can you? Hope yours is a happy one!

  3. That is such a cute cake!! I love it. I have yet to work with fondant but I do enjoy decorating cakes for my boys.

    1. This is my 2nd time, and trust me, it's not too difficult.. you should give it a try :)

  4. I don't know about amateur, this looks amazing!


  5. Wow well done! This looks brilliant. Love a bit of paw patrol. Thank you so much for being a part of the #bigpinklink it's great to have you with us!

  6. It is fabulous! Certainly looks like a professional made it. Thanks for sharing with SYC.