Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Leaving babyhood

The first year is tough. In terms of physical effort. Way too much effort. But I guess when parents look back at the past; they remember only the fun parts. Like when my tiny tots cleaning obsession led him to wiping the plane windows or food spilled on the restaurant floor. Or how he peed in a basket during potty training (hey that’s a cool looking potty!).

We moved to India (from Jakarta) when he turned 1.5 year old, and the big move brought along many changes. The biggest difference (in MY life) was becoming nanny-less. But the timing couldn't have been better! As much as I couldn't have survived without an extra set of expert hands the first 1.5 year, our nanny was beginning to take a larger control of his emotional landscape, in a manner which wasn't in sync with our parenting philosophy. The excessive pampering was not something we approved of!

Moving countries meant the era of being coddled to no end and being rescued by his personal damsel on a shining white horse was officially over! 1.5 year old meant better communication from his side, i.e. I had better understanding of his wants and needs. It meant I knew perfectly well when he genuinely wanted something and could safely ignore the crazy tantrums. It meant reversing the whiny monster that he had become in the last few months to a sweet little child!

Yes I am still required for my excellent wiping, cooking and feeding skills, but the physical effort is a helluva less.  When you watch your kid grow you soon want to loosen the reigns and relax a bit. Stop fussing over every little whine let out from his mouth. Stop freaking out when he is thoroughly enjoying drinking his bath water from the bucket and mug. Stop watching his every move like a hawk. Stop wondering about whether the attention given to him is enough or the books read to him are enough. Stop keeping the mind occupied with vaccination shots, milestones, sterilization, breast feeding, and sleep timings.

As much as I enjoyed babyhood (ref to: parents remember only the fun parts) I am glad he is 1.5 now!

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