Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Weather & the Walks

I love the rains. That alone perhaps is the reason I love living in Pune, in spite of the crazy shifting experience. That and also the nice new old school house that we live in which has a typical 90's layout with large spacious rooms, big balconies, and greenery that could shame a forest. We have branches of a giant Neem tree leaning into our bedroom balcony! It's just the kind of house a tiny tot should grow up in! Except unlike our place in Jakarta this doesn't have a recreational area and our hearts bleed when we see kids playing on the streets inside the colony, with motorists carefully manoeuvring their way.

22 degrees and sporadic drizzle is perfect weather. I did go overboard in the beginning in letting loose (I.e. letting my kid run around butt naked in the cool breezy balcony and allowing endless playing in the bath water) till I realised that the key to enjoy this perfect weather is appropriate clothing (it took 5 days of bad cold and sniffing noses for that dawn of realisation!).

So at a drop of a hat I dress up my kid in his uniform, i.e. Warm jacket and closed shoes on a cool day and simply raincoat and crocs on a wet day and go for a walk!

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