Monday, August 12, 2013

New Books on the shelf!

I was glad to pop by "Crosswords" and "Mom and Me" after we shifted in. The variety here is so different from that available in Indonesia AND the prices were half as much too! Here are a few worth raving about, both story lines and pictures are addictive.
Happy pops: Lady bird (by the book company)
About a ladybird who is out coaxing here bug friends to join her on a holiday. But the spiders busy repairing his web, the bees busy collecting nectar, the caterpillars busy eating to turn into a butterfly and so on!


Happy pops: the curious kitten  (by the book company)
About a kitten whose siblings are sleeping and is out asking every one to play with him, but the dog has to go round up the shepherds sheep, the the horse has to give his owners daughter a ride, etc.

Sparkle fun: bees and butterflies, duck learns to swim  (by the book company)
A bee and a Butterfly land on the same flower. Then each shows the other why they need the nectar.

Nursery Rhymes: (by Paragon books)

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  1. Wow,Great finds! My daughter love books too! The books you found have good illustrations!