Friday, August 9, 2013

Arts, crafts and the other reasons I liked this Pre-school

Ladybird Hat for 'Madhatters Day'

When I was pregnant, I really didn't know the difference between raising a boy vs. raising a girl, so I didn't really give a crap about the gender (though we were highly curious!). But the only reason I wanted to have a girl was for those cute little bows & hair bands and arts & crafts. Strolling into any toy shop I found the boys' section filled with cars, legos, action figures and the arts and crafts boxes were pink and nicely tucked in the girls section.

Well so much for first impressions!                                              

I was thrilled when I enrolled him in his preschool. It has a tree house, rabbits, birds, and tons of handmade decorations & toys all around! And every day he engages in crayons or clay or hand painting or tattoo painting, it's so much fun!

Last Friday was a ‘Madhatters day’, so all the kids had go wear cool, funky hats. I made a nice ladybird hat with chart paper and glue (one of the books he's obsessed with these days is about a ladybird) and it took me right back to my school days! It was also the first day I left him alone in the school the whole 2.5 hrs (while I cooled my heels at a nearby French bakery with a yummy bacon quiche, ready to run back to school if he cried too much. He didn't. Phew!)

So yay for arts & crafts!

And yay for Serra too! Not only did I like Serra over other preschools, but I thought it was important that the classroom wasn't a 2'X2 room, there weren't zombies rattling off the fees and admission details to me, there weren't a series of puddles to hurdle through once we get inside, and it didn't have any bad reviews lurking online (Yes those were the type of schools I visited before choosing this one!). It ticked marked most criteria:  location (10 mins walk away), warm teachers and helpers, sanitation, security, and did I mention the tree house?

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