Thursday, August 1, 2013

The 2 Apps that were Life Saviors during our big move!

I had mention earlier how I'd rather have my child fiddle with apps than my contacts and messages. That has sadly gone to a whole new level. He's on my phone the majority of time and I have to sneak it away to make phone calls, sigh. What was I gonna do! We were moving countries and he was glued to me throughout, and giving him the phone would be the only way to shut him up to have a minute to select laminates in a hardware store! Or get my brains fried by the plumber/ carpenter/ cell phone guys/ wi fi guys/ electrician / maids. Or make him finish dinner after a long, looooong day. Or get him to sleep when it had crossed 12 am already (Getting closer to GMT has an inverse relation to bedtime, instead of sleeping 1&1/2 earlier than in Jakarta, he started sleeping1&1/2 later!)

So here are two apps (of the many) on my phone that were life saviors the last two months:

Best Kids Songs by Pink Fong aka save yourself from being admitted to a mental hospital. 
This is already downloaded by millions and is a top rated app so perhaps it doesn't need another review here. But it's so good! As the name implies, it IS the BEST! Both audio and visual! The app is free, so are the first few songs. The rest are charged, and are completely worth the money. I have over 50 songs are have spent over $20 but who's counting? It's the best baby sitter at 12 am when your child shows no signs of sleeping while every inch of your body does!

Baby Sleep Lullabies / Sweet Dreams Baby Songs/ Kitty Lullaby Music for Kids aka save yourself from walking around like a zombie all day

Whether its 'hush little baby' or 'are you sleeping', the tunes are melodious and are effective for that final push from "sleepy" to "sleeping". The risk though is that it may work on the adult sooner than the child (more often than you think, sigh!)


  1. I will have to check those out. We use apps a lot when we travel, so I know what you mean about them being a life saver.