Thursday, August 22, 2013

Toddler haircut tales... from Jakarta to Pune

The bald Indonesian ? hehehe
 My child has super straight hair that grows as quickly as Jack's Beanstalk. I wouldn't have noticed the speed if I didn't have to drag my feet to the salon this often! Google spitted out a blog raving about a salon named Krazzy Kids in Pune which wasn't too far away. Needed someone to be okay with a screaming child + be careful of  sudden moves more than anything. The giraffe posters and Motor car chairs may allow children to feel comfortable being in that space but does nothing to make mine sit still during the actual haircut. What works is putting on the cloak myself and letting him sit on my lap. That keeps him still. More or less.

But unlike the amazing Kiddy Cuts Salon in Jakarta that did a helluva job letting my tiny tot look every bit handsome as he usually did with ‘long’ hair, Krazy Kids was just about okay! Although it was over quickly with no tears or tantrums, the poor dude looks bald! (My cheerful maid who seems to like everything in this whole world was like OMG what have you done!)

But the magic beans should do the trick and when they do, who knows! Maybe I'll try a kid friendly adult salon next time!

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