Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mealtimes are the worst part of parenting a toddler!

And God has bestowed me with this "extra stash" of patience that is more than enough to compensate for what I lacked the first thirty years of my life. This is what I call fair distribution! Save it all for the parenting days!

But unfortunately this "extra stash" seems to wear out when cajoling, tricking, distracting, persuading, and screaming at my almost 2 yo into eating his regular meals! I swear he has turned into a hermit, living in a cave, on top of a hill, cuz who other than hermits survive on fruits and fruits alone? All carbs and proteins be damned?

When he was a baby he ate whatever I prepared for him, (that’s how I look at it now, in comparison to present day daily disasters!) plus there was breast milk and a super efficient nanny. Tact such as camouflage, tipping his forehead to open his mouth, keeping his hands busy with toys, bowls, and-what-not distractions worked like a charm.  

He is becoming a big boy now. He has opinions. And a school with kids having birthdays every week, i.e. a free flow of chocolate & cake. Now there are grandparents, and Indian festivals, I.e. More free flow of goodies. So as he is getting older, the "healthy" aspect of his food intake is slowly tanking.

So if I am ever asked for parenting advice (not that any one will ever!) it will be only this: Cram in all the healthy food in the first two years, it's only gonna get worse later!!

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