Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DIY Prince Crown

My kid's Preschool has a concept of color of the month, i.e. they have to wear that color (even a teeny weeny bit of it is okay!) every Friday of the month (Uniform on other days). So its usually simple when its blue or green. But its fun when its something like Magenta (looking for a Magenta tee for a boy is as difficult as looking at the girl's section and finding no pink!). 

It's even more fun when it's Silver & Gold! They also added "feel free to accessorize" so the first thing that came to my mind was a Prince' Crown (The only other thing I could think of was a sword)

Yeah perhaps its ridiculous and over the top to send your child to school wearing a crown, but I am doing it while I can get away with all this - it pre-nursery after all!

Its the easiest thing to make (i.e. I will not mind if he wears it for all of four minutes before tossing it away) and here's how I went about it :

Step 1. The Cardboard Frame: I Cut out the basic frame of the crown from a 12 pack milk  box. Didn't use chart paper cuz it crushes easily in the hands of a two y.o.

(The brown paper separated after cutting out the frame, I discarded it):

The cardboard frame is ready:

Step 2:Go silver: Traced the outline of the frame over Silver paper, for both sides: 

Cut & paste time :

Step 3: Silver Circles: for the little silver circles on the pointy edges, I simply traced the outline of the fevicol cap:

Stuck the silver circles on the pointy edges, both inside and out!

Step 4: Stuck the ends together & Voila!

Trial time!

Having a ball!

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