Sunday, September 28, 2014

Alphabet Activities: Pp for Police Car (for almost 3 year olds!)

This is another Alphabet Pack that we used from Royalbaloo’s Zoomin' Movin' Alphabets. Most activities from these packs suit his developmental stage (34 months). It’s got many pages to paint, prewriting pages (we stick to solid lines), P stamping, q-tip painting, puzzles, counting, sorting Ps & ps, sorting as per size, pasting tiny police cars in a big P etc. He starts with collecting all the art supplies needed from the book shelves: 

Paints, the choice of color sometimes makes sense, e.g. red for apples, green for leaves. And many times it’s just because it’s his favorite color that day. e.g. red and purple for a police car! At this age, painting a car doesn't necessarily mean painting within the lines, nor do I insist. And even if he does paint inside the car, he ‘adds a finishing touch’ with big strokes all over the page!

Brushes (he loves the big ones!) q-tips, crayons (usually use Faber Castell’s grasp crayons meant for 3 year olds)

Palettes, water beaker, scissors, glue etc.

Once these are brought to the easel, he begins with a few paintings, while I cut papers required activity wise. And after all activities are over, as a ritual he takes all palettes and brushes to the wash basin and washes them off! In all it is a good engaging activity for a lazy afternoon!  

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