Sunday, September 21, 2014

Alphabet Activities: Train, Garbage Truck, Helicopter & others (For almost 3 year olds!)

We've just started these for after school activities at home. You may wonder whether it's an overload of teaching, after all they teach alphabets at his preschool too! But it's not! Some of the alphabet packs made & posted online by homeschooling mamas are so well designed that he thoroughly enjoys them and asks for more! The most useful series I found was on the Royalbaloo blog. Her "Zooming Moving Alphabets" covers many letters - all standing for some or the other vehicle. Yes my kid's a boy and yes he's crazy about all things vehicles, but the reason I LOVE these packs is that it encompasses everything I was looking for, specific to his current developmental stage (34m old).

Gg, Tt, Hh 

Other than alphabet and object coloring, it has interesting things such as q-tip painting (I don't have a dot marker), sorting the alphabets by upper and lower case, matching upper and lower case, prewriting activities such as tracing shapes, connecting the vehicles, puzzles, small medium large sorting, etc. So in over an hour or so, we cover not just the alphabet but all these other developmental areas too! Too bad she doesn't cover all 26 alphabets in the same format! We've done the Gg for garbage truck, Tt for train & Hh for helicopter till now. Next in line is Pp for police car.

These packs drastically reduce the effort required for preparation of activities, as I don't have to search for n number of coloring pages online, or bother with an alphabet basket, or alphabet sensory bin etc. I tried that and it's a lot of work! The Practical Mom logic is not to undertake too much effort for activities that simply fly by in no time!

I envy all the creative work done by children such as turning an F into a fox with googly eyes and feathers, but nope, not doing it! A fox will take a minute or so, considering he does the whole alphabet pack in an hour. So thanks to all the lovely ladies who have posted alphabet packs for us to benefit from!

The only non-pack alphabet that was easy-peasy though was the letter C, since there's so much that can be prepared for in a little time! Cake decoration, sticking candles on cake, painting and matching cats, pasting Cs made out of paper plates, C stamping with C shaped toilet paper roll, numbered circle sticking on caterpillar, castle activities, Making birthday cards (grandpa's birthday was round the corner!), cotton sticking, cotton ball sensory bin, coffee sensory bin etc.

Cc & Ss (printed these images straight fm google images hence no photo credit!)

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