Friday, September 19, 2014

Mosquito Repellents for babies & toddlers for playgrounds, In Jakarta

"The mosquito kills more people than any other creature in the entire world"- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

So I had two defenses against this "creature",  in Indonesia when my tiny tot played outdoors, and thankfully I stocked plenty before moving to India as I am yet to figure what's available here:

(1) Minyak Telon (My Baby brand): a light oil made of citronella, lemongrass, chamomilae etc., that you rub on the exposed arms and legs. Minyak Telon is primarily to rub on tummy & feet to keep baby's body warm on cold nights or when he has a cold, but it's variant Minyak Telon 'Plus' also helps avoid mosquito & insect bites. It's an oil, but not oily, and yes, it does have a strong smell which we got used to pretty quickly. Once while we were sitting around in a zoo my husband and I became targets ourselves, so we quickly pulled out the bottle from the diaper bag and applied it liberally on our hands and legs ... And voila! None of those horrible insects troubled us anymore!

(2) Mosquito Repellent Stickers (Byemos brand): this one too contains citronella oil. These yellow stickers can be stuck to clothing or furniture, and can be restuck on different clothing as long as it's within 24 hours. So when my tiny tot is getting dressed to go out to play, we sometimes stick it on his back (so he doesn't notice!). These stickers have been helpful for us adults in our travels too.


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