Saturday, October 11, 2014

DIY Rocket for Toddlers

3 easy-peasy steps for a DIY rocket:

  • Paint a kitchen towel roll black
  • Cut silver stars and a silver cone to stick over it
  • Cut 4 incisions on the bottom of the roll to insert the 4 part stand

I'd made this rocket as an accompaniment for Anna Milbourne’s “On The Moon”. I love this book as it is perfect for a child! It describes how astronauts get to the moon, how long it takes to get there, what the moon is like, how the earth looks like from the moon, what astronaut wear, what they do there- in a lucid manner. 


  1. What a fun craft! I've never checked out this book but I'm going to look for it - my daughter is on an astronaut kick right now! ;)

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