Saturday, October 11, 2014

Play Dough Mats for Toddlers: The Human Body

I introduced playdough just a few months back, since he's inching towards being all of 3 y o and isn't as messy as he used to be. Although it was his favorite playing material, and would ask for fresh dough every few days, I would wonder what he did with it! It was a mystery that could be probably solved using nanny cams! Since I never saw him balling it in his palms or using cutters or the rolling pin or any of the usual stuff.

But one fine day he asked me to make "chapatis" with the rolling pin and he started using cutters. I know that because I saw a neat row of hearts and circles stuck on the main door! Then he was very excited with the new alphabet and numbers cutter pack and asked me to make many chapatis. By bedtime, I saw all colors back into their tubbies and an adorable row of random alphabets stuck on the door!

So okay, I thought, he's getting the hang of Playdough. He will someday make his own balls and chapatis. But in the meantime I got these playdough mats printed from the picklebums blog. I can obviously draw a face/body/plate on paper, but I suppose a "print out" gives a "serious" feel? 

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