Sunday, October 26, 2014

Toddler Activity: White Board Marker on Glass Doors

When I was a little girl, I had a whole wall to express myself. Full of drawings and scribblings, what fun! 

While we've dissuaded our tiny tot in doing so, I got him a White Board Marker (Dry Erase Marker) to scribble over our glass doors. Which is like a wall of glass to himself!  

I put a shiny pink cello tape on the white board marker telling him that this is a "special" pen, so ONLY THIS ONE can be used on the glass door. I don't know what he finds more fun: scribbling or rubbing off with the duster! I'll be getting him more colors soon! 

(only the lower two scribbles were made by my tiny tot!)


  1. I came over from the Life with Moore Babies linky.

    This is a great idea and *so* much better than the window paint my *sister* gave my kids when they were little. (And she had, kids - what was she thinking? :) ).

    FYI, there are washable dry erase pens that will come out of clothes - but you have to hunt for them!

    1. I just got him a whole 8 color set! I dont worry about stains on clothes- as soon as he comes back home, I change him into his crappy home clothes!

  2. Ok, just so we are on the same can use dry erase markers on glass, like a sliding glass door or window, and then rub it off with a cloth. You said a in Beauty and The Beast? A feather duster? It sounds like fun. I want to try, but I want to make sure it will come off, so I don't ruin a window! lol

  3. Yes I was a little skeptical too. So I tried it on glass myself without him around! You can rub it off with your hands, tissues, or a soft cloth too. The duster could be found at office stationery supplies , typically used for white board markers.