Sunday, November 2, 2014

Toddler Alphabet Activities: Rr for Rocket & Jj for Jeep

Ever since I graduated to a DSLR a few months back, I've been allowing my almost 3 y.o. tiny tot to use my point and shoot. And now he claims that it's "his camera". We had been to a picturesque vacation spot some time back and while I took pictures of leaves and pebbles and dirt, he would follow me around doing exactly the same with his camera! A mini me!

Amidst nice pictures of us parents (FINALLY! After a 3 year deluge of baby pictures!) some pictures of complete strangers pop up too! Perhaps people sitting around us at coffee shops etc who were nice enough to pose for our little boy!

My mini - me wanted his camera when I fished out mine during these alphabet activities too. He took pictures of every page just the way I do. And THAT'S when I realised HOW CRAZY I look! snapping away to glory likes there's no tomorrow!

Now after any art work or anything nice he sees, he'll run get the camera or any of our phones to take a picture. Or he'll at least say "mummy take a picture!".



We love using Royalbaloo's Alphabet Packs! I have written about them in detail in my previous posts: 

We finished off with the fine motor skill activity of transferring left over colored water to teeny tiny ice cube trays with a dropper.


  1. Maybe you have a future blogger on your hands! lol! So cute that he wants to take pictures of everything like his mama!

    1. Lol... We look like two crazy people! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. How fun that he is proud of his work that he wants a picture of it! :)