Saturday, December 13, 2014

Kids Craft: Glitter Stars with Popsicle Sticks (& Where to Buy Christmas Decorations in Pune)

Christmas is coming! And there are so many related activities to be done and so little time!

Glitter Stars taught my son how two triangles can make a star. He then painted them and painstakingly put glitter glue over them. 'Painstakingly' since I realised how painful getting glitter glue out of those tubes is! He would get frustrated and hand me the tube every now and then. Wasn't a cake walk for me either!

Kids Christmas Craft: Glitter Stars with Popsicle Sticks

This year was the first time my son joined me in shopping for decorations as well and putting up the Christmas tree! The ornaments DON'T look symmetrical, but that's okay! I'm leaving it that way :)

Kids Christmas Craft: Glitter Stars with Popsicle Sticks

For people wondering where to buy Christmas tree and other related decorations in Pune, it's at Raave's Evergreen. They are in the lane connecting Thousand Oaks and MG Road. Their website says they're at Mumbai, Goa and Chennai too. We stumbled into it and although we didn't want a tree, we picked up a few cute little something somethings such as stockings & ornaments).

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  1. How much fun. We have coloured sticks around here. I always feel they are killing the children's imagination. Will let my toddler at them. Thanks for the idea.