Saturday, January 3, 2015

Is your child thorough with his ABC recognition, yet clueless about letter sounds?

All the alphabet packs and alphabet related activities in the last few months have done good w.r.t. Letter Recognition. But I still couldn't figure out how to teach my 3 y.o letter Sounds. When I would ask him the letter sound or make him repeat after me, he either didn't understand or wasn't interested. That's when Dr. Suess' ABC blue black book stepped came as a big help!

It's so silly and funny! And perhaps it's the quick succession of beginning sound words that did the trick of drilling the concept of phonics into his brain!

Big Y little y
A yawning yellow yak
Young Yolanda Yogerson
Is yelling on his back!

And then I would ask I him "So what is the y sound?" And he would reply correctly!

He got it! He finally got it!

BIG F little f
Four fluffy feathers
On a

Dr Suess was a genius!!

Just reading it 3-4 times was enough to grasp the concept, after which when I would quiz him on letter sounds, out of the blue, he would nail it!

Another thing that needed practise was lower case abc, for which The book Chicka Chicka Boom Book came to the rescue!

It's all lower alphabets racing up the coconut tree! He 'reads' out the alphabets while I narrate the rest. Although it's in lieu with the abc song, and the b d p & q's will be fuzzy for a little longer, it is an excellent practise for recognizing lower case!!

What's most important is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! He may get a concept but will most likely forget it without frequent practice. His first brush with alphabets was Bob the train videos he was hooked on last summer! he had memorized ALL alphabets. Then summer was over and so was video time, and so was the memory of MOST alphabets!

There are several Beginning Sound packs available online, but I like doing it impromptu. If he's playing with toy animals, ill line them up and and ask him to place the correct beginning sound in front of each. Similarly with kitchen toys, fruits, Christmas ornaments, all you need is a box of alphabets for a little practise every now and then.

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  1. Thank you for the ideas! Dr. Suess is great for phonics, I don't know why I just didn't think to use him for that.

  2. My daughter is three and knew her letters at 18 months. I bought a Leap Frog DVD called The Letter Factory for her when she was almost 2 1/2, and within in a week, she had her letter sounds down. It was amazing! I'm sure it's different for every kid, but that DVD worked great for her -- just FYI as another resource for someone.

    Erin |

  3. I always relate letter names and sounds to animal names and sounds, it really helps kids understand that there is a difference between name and sounds. That book sounds like a fab resource!

  4. We love that book here as well!

  5. Always loved Dr. Suess! Great learning tool! Thanks for sharing with SYC.