Saturday, January 10, 2015

Story telling with Puppets: Julia Donaldson's Room on the Broom

It's not surprising that my 3 y.o son Looo..oved Julia Donaldson’s “Room on the Broom”. I happened to see the character puppets on their website and got them printed right away! 

Pasted them on Popsicle sticks and made some more items such as the cone, bone, bow, hat, beast etc from felt. A plastic cup played the role of the cauldron.

It was definitely exciting to tell the story via puppets, ESP the part where the dragon chases the flying witch (we run around the whole house!). But after a coupla times he actually had the sequence memorised. And I realised what an excellent tool puppets make as a crucial step towards literacy. Sure I make all the books I read to him interactive, but puppets is taking that to a different level, it's HIM telling ME the story!

We also used it for phonics activities, as he JUST got the concept of alphabet sounds. I laid down all puppets and asked him to recognise the beginning sound and place the alphabets with the respective puppets. This was especially exciting  for me - since it was the first few times that he GOT phonics, after months of learning the alphabet.

For people who have not read this book, it's about a kind witch who is flying on her broom with her cat, and the wind blows off her hat. When she flies down, a dog helps her find her hat and asks if he can join in on the broom. This way, a frog and a bird join in too. Then with certain turn of events, a mean dragon grabs the witch for his tea time snack. The four friends help scare him away.

It's got rhyming. It's got sequence. It differentiates between good and bad witches (hansel and gretel, another book I frequently read out to him has a bad witch). It's got magic. It teaches helping. So in all it's a must have in your kids collection!

I made similar puppets for The Smartest Giant in Town and Monkey Puzzle too! 

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  1. Those are super cute and clever!

    I was sent here by Nolie's Place :)

  2. sounds like a great story and super fun to add in the puppets!

  3. My sons favourite book at the moment - we are going to see the live show next month :)

  4. Visual aids such as puppets makes story telling much more fun! My kids loved flannel board stories growing up. Thanks for sharing with SYC.