Friday, June 12, 2015

Book Based Potato Stamping: Tiny Seed & Germs Journey

We've done some potato stamping & lemon wedge stamping. So its good to have a potato or two in stock. These two times I carved out a face of a germ on a potato half as in the book A Germ's Journey and a petal for The Tiny Seed's flower on the cover. 

Book Based Potato Stamping: Tiny Seed & Germs Journey

A Germs Journey is a wonderful book written by Thom Rooke MD. It details the journey of germs from a uncovered sneeze, to numerous objects, and how depending on precautions taken or not, the germs are washed off or spread common cold. The germs from a sneeze that land on a candy don't make brenda sick, cuz she throws the wrapper in the bin. But the germs that land on the computer keyboard are touched by Jared, who then digs his nose, so the germs travel to his lungs making him sick. This way there were many scenarios of the journey illustrating what habits prevent us from falling sick. The illustrations are straightforward too! I'd got this book cuz my kid was not consistent with his habit of washing hands every time we got back home. Now he does! He understood perfectly well why it is absolutely necessary! 

Book Based Potato Stamping: Tiny Seed & Germs Journey

I don't have pictures of him stamping cuz those pictures vanished when the laptop hard disk crashed, So I just took this one to illustrate how we went about it, when I made potato stamps for Eric Carle's The Tiny Seed.

Book Based Potato Stamping: Tiny Seed & Germs Journey

I had written a tiny review of The Tiny Seed in my post titled Planting Seeds with Kids. I've read this one to him countless times and each time he curiously listens to the story of the tiny seed that beat all odds to grown into a giant flower! The potato half just needs to be cut off on one side to form a petal. Petals stamped in a circle form the 'giant flower' as on the cover of the book. he's 3, so I had to help him form the circle of course! 

Book Based Potato Stamping: Tiny Seed & Germs Journey

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