Friday, January 1, 2016

Recycling Leftover Holiday Stuff

The Practical Mom: Recycling Leftover Holiday Stuff

Christmas is finally over, and thank goodness for that I don't have to listen to another cover of cliched christmas songs played over and over in any mall. They were at it for 2 months. Christmas is a 2 day celebration people, not 2 months long!!

Any hoo... when I was young..umm younger, I would look at people wanting to cook like they were idiots falling off the sanity wagon. *why* would you want to cook? haven't you heard of take out? don't you have a maid? Who cares what food tastes like after x number of tequila shots? & fast-forward to x number of year later and I've finally started falling off the sanity wagon myself. Cooking, crafting, like a 70's housewife (oh no!) 

But it's therapeutic. calming. nice. fun. 

And I have all these wine bottles(of course I've progressed from tequila shots), Cola De Mono Bottles (Chilean version of egg-nog, literally meaning Monkey Tail, made with a potent alcohol named aguardiente) & Pringles cans (don't ask me about this latest addiction of mine) and *all* I could think of is wrapping it with yarn.

red yarn.

I *love* red. That, I realised lately, is the big reason I love Christmas. The color red. and not that the towns painted in red. It is the splashes of red that makes things so pretty.

I come from a country that loves colors and unfortunately it loves *all* the colors. An Indian's idea of dressing up is not wear one color or pattern- it's to wear at least 4. and not just 4 different colors but different patterns too. "Less is more" is def what Indians shun. "Only red? How dull. It's not like I'm going down the street to buy subzi (veggies). Let's add some blue and pink and magenta and cyan" 

Exhibit A:

My son's been reading a book on recycling and has been busy checking everything with the recycle logo to carry down to the recycle bin downstairs. It was fun ...till he started taking pringles cans away from me. C'mon! all that transfat swimming in my system for nothing?! you better not *touch* any of these young man!

Not that reprimand works. So I had to use logic and turned to the last page of his book which gave examples of recycled craft. See! this is recycling too! And pringles cans make *way* better pen stands than actual pen stands anyways! 

Exhibit B:

Winding yarn over glue brushed over a bottle or can is no mean feat. It's bat shit crazy that's what I thought the first time. But it's like I was in a trance. And I wound & wound... and wound some more. And in sometime everything around looked pretty. 

pretty in red. 

The Practical Mom: Recycling Leftover Christmas Stuff

The Practical Mom: Recycling Leftover Christmas Stuff

The Practical Mom: Recycling Leftover Christmas Stuff

Until later! Stay in touch!

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  1. What a bunch of cute DIY ideas!

    I'm going to pin them here:

    I was "parked" by you today on Grandma Ideas.

    Hope you have a blessed day~

  2. I love a good recycle project and your yarn wrapped bottles are cute! Thank you for sharing them with us at Brag About It!

  3. So many fun ideas to make!

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

  4. This a great post! I enjoyed reading it.

    I think this article could complement your post.

    Good luck with your future piece :)

    Regards frm.

  5. Well, you certainly did have fun with yarn! They turned out so cute! Thanks for sharing with SYC.