Art Studio: for 3-5 year olds in Aundh, Pune

Art Studio/Art Classes/Painting Classes: for 3-5 year olds in Aundh, Pune
11 April-3 May, 11 am, Twice a week
Class strength : 3-4 children
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"Art has a role in education of helping children become themselves, instead of more like everyone else."

Welcome to my Art Studio! Painting encourages open-ended creativity. There is no one right way to paint and we are free to express our ideas and creativity any way we like. So I will not be teaching your little one how to draw a horse or color within the lines, but will allow them to immerse themselves in Art by exploring various painting techniques. The objective is to give them a thorough exposure to paints!

Art Studio/Art Classes/Painting Classes: for 3-5 year olds in Aundh, Pune

Here is the basic outline of the curriculum that will be spread over 8 sessions:

Salt & Glue Technique:
-Squeeze glue along the lines of drawings or squiggles, sprinkle salt over it. Paint with pipettes over it and watch paint travel

Process Art: Experimenting with Texture:
-Creating textures with cling film, plastic forks, cardboard cut outs, sand, combs over paint paste lathered on paper

Colorful Baking Soda & Vinegar Concoctions:
-Making bubbly explosions in cups
-Spraying vinegar on baking soda within playdoh cutters

Frozen Fun:
-Painting with pipettes on salt sprinkled over ice slabs to make ice sculptures
-Painting with Ice Popsicles

-With peppers, carved potatoes, leaves, plastic forks, yarn, blocks, empty soda bottles, sponges.

Dot-a-Dot & Circles:
-Painting the dots within pictures with cotton buds, with paint via squeezy bottles and pasting sequins, pom poms, stickers.
-Stamping concentric and interlocking circles and paint within

Recycled Craft Day:
-Painting large cardboard boxes into houses and tissue paper rolls into trees

Marbling Paper & Eggs:
-Dipping origami papers and eggs in a vessel containing colored water and a few drops of oil to create the marble effect.

Painting Objects:
-Vases, pots, photo frames

Paint a Mural:
-Collaborative art: all children painting a big mural on the wall

More Open-Ended Art:
-Blow-by-straw painting, Paint with toothpicks, Painting with yarn, Squeeze painting, Spray painting

See you soon!



  1. Hi Swapna,
    My name is Shweta. I am so glad I came across your blog. I have 2.7 year old daughter and she and I love spending time doing art. We live in California where there are lots of such art studios and we enjoy visiting those places. I am so glad to see similar stuff in India. How is the response to process art from parents in India? I have a art group within our community and I see the kids thoroughly enjoying process art but the parents always keep wondering about the final product :)

    Hoping to connect with you!

  2. Hi Shweta! Yes that is the sad part! Art classes concentrate on drawing better, colouring within the lines and creating cute little finished products- this is what I found out when I checked around. I wish I could say adults didn’t care abt the finished product, since every time my kid shows any adult his work , they jump in trying to label it by saying “wow! Is this a xyx?"

    My philosophy at least for little kids is to give them messy, open ended projects that *they* do from start to finish. I started my Art Studio since I didn’t see anything like this around. It was a small, one time thing. I wish I could go big with this (i.e. getting more kids not just by word of mouth but by some marketing) but those plans are on hold as we will be moving soon!

    Glad you stopped by :)